Teach Language Skills


Teach those with autism or language delay using your phone, tablet or computer.

Tap  -  Teach  -  Track

Teach Language Skills


Teach those with autism or language delay using your phone, tablet or computer.

Tap  -  Teach  -  Track

teach language
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Are you tired of facing these challenges?


Trying to select words, phrases and questions to teach

Searching through stacks of flash cards to find one

Getting your student to attend to instruction

Keeping track of data on random datasheets

Figuring out what to work on for acquisition or maintenance

Do you need to teach language skills?


Labeling objects and actions

Imitating movements and following instructions

Using single words, multiple words, and phrases

Understanding features, functions, and class of objects

Completing fill in the blank statements

Answering questions

Starting to engage in conversations

Check It


Tap to find targets to teach and take student data

Teach students and meet their unique needs

Track data to make good instructional decisions

Use student scores to select targets to learn, generalize or maintain

Use Check It
  • one-on-one with a learner
  • with a group of students
  • in remote instruction
  • as a library of language targets with data collection

Teach with portable and engaging software


An instructor and a learner use Check It together running on a device over the Internet

Digital flash cards are easy to manage and quickly select

Students enjoy digital images, videos and multimedia rewards

Optional voice narration helps engage your student

Verb videos are easier to learn when real actions are in motion

Manage your language instruction program


Provide instruction quickly using a phone, tablet or computer

Find targets to meet the VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, ESDM and other early learner curriculums

Decrease prep time when searching for targets to use in instruction

Reduce costs from damaged flash cards and in printing and laminating

Produce charts and reports to share student progress with others

Ready to get started?


Assess your student's language skills with a guide like the VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R

Watch our introductory videos on Youtube.

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Reach out to support at  support@checkboxsoftware.com

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Why is it called Check It?


Check Student Skills Get insight into your learner's language development by checking language skills across the broad target types (imitation, instruction, fillin, find it, say it, questions, etc...).

Check Learning Progress Quickly find targets to teach to mastery and check for retention to make sure your learner is making meaningful progress.

Check the Data Easily tap the screen to take student data during your teaching and then check the score summaries on charts and reports.

"Check It" reflects our commitment to providing parents, teachers, behavior analysts, and speech therapists a powerful tool for assessing, validating, and engaging children in their language development.
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